Word Summary
chuwr: a city in Asher
Original Word: חוּר
Transliteration: chuwr
Phonetic Spelling: (khoor)
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: a city in Asher
Meaning: the crevice of a, serpent, the cell of a, prison
Strong's Concordance

Or (shortened) chur {khoor}; from an unused root probably meaning to bore; the crevice of a serpent; the cell of a prison -- hole.


H2352. chuwr

חֹרnoble, חֻר חֹר,hole, see below II. חרר‎; הַגִּדְגָּד חֹר‎ see below II. חור‎.

חרא‎, or חרה‎ (√ of following; meaning unknown).

חוּר חֻר,noun [masculine] id. — collective חוּרIsaiah 42:22 as hiding-places of men; construct חֻר11:8 hole of asp (מָּ֑חֶן‎).