Word Summary
chut: thread, cord, line
Original Word: חוּט
Transliteration: chut
Phonetic Spelling: (khoot)
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: thread, cord, line
Meaning: a string, a measuring tape
Strong's Concordance
cord, fillet, line, thread

From an unused root probably meaning to sew; a string; by implication, a measuring tape -- cord, fillet, line, thread.


H2339. chut

חוּטnoun masculineJoshua 2:18 thread, cord, line (Late Hebrew id.; Arabic , Aramaic , חוּטָא‎) — ׳ח‎ absolute Genesis 14:23 2t.; construct Joshua 2:18+ 3t.; —

1 thread, as easily broken Judges 16:12 (simile); as composing a rope or cord; ח ׳תִּקְוַת הַזֶּה הַשָּׁנִיJoshua 2:18 (JE) this cord of scarlet thread (literally the cord of this thread of scarlet); probably also נַעַל שְׂרוֺךְ וְעַד מִחוּטGenesis 14:23 from a thread to a sandal-thong; in simile הַשָּׁנִי ׳כְּחSong of Solomon 4:3 like a thread of scarlet are thy lips.

2 cord, ׳הַח הַמְּשֻׁלָּשׁEcclesiastes 4:12 a three-fold cord.

3 line, as measure of length 1 Kings 7:15 and a line of twelve cubits surrounded (i.e. would surround) it (compare קָו7:23), so Jeremiah 52:21.

חִוִּי‎ see below II. חוה‎.