Word Summary
chadad: to be sharp, keen
Original Word: חָדַד
Transliteration: chadad
Phonetic Spelling: (khaw-dad')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to be sharp, keen
Meaning: to be, sharp, severe
Strong's Concordance
be fierce, sharpen

A primitive root; to be (causatively, make) sharp or (figuratively) severe -- be fierce, sharpen.


H2300. chadad

[חָדַד‎] verb be sharp, keen (Aramaic חֲדַד‎; Late Hebrew חִדֵּדsharpen; Arabic be sharp and sharpen; Assyrian Pi`el uddudu, sharpen, DlPr 174, W 121) —

Qal Perfect עֶרֶב מִזְּאֵבֵי וְחַדּ֫וּ‎ consecutive Habakkuk 1:8 are keener than evening wolves (of impetuous Chaldean horses).

Hiph`il הֵחֵד‎ (Che Or Brd) or יַחֵד‎ (Näg compare Dr§ 123 a, R), insert Isaiah 44:12 after ᵑ6 ᵐ5‎: the smith sharpeneth an axe.

Hoph`al Perfect3feminine singular הוּחַדָּהEzekiel 21:14; 21:15; 21:16 be sharpened (in all, subject חֶרֶב‎). — See also 1. חדה‎.

I. [חָדָה‎] verb be or grow sharp; —

Qal grow sharp, Imperfect with apocope = jussive יָ֑חַדProverbs 27:17 a;

Hiph`il sharpen (figurative), Imperfect apoc. יַ֫חַדProverbs 27:17 b; מְּנֵירֵֿעֵהוּ יַחְד וְאִישׁ יָ֑חַד בְּבֶרְזֶל בַּרְזֶלlet iron by means of iron grow sharp, and let a man sharpen the countenance (presence, bearing) of his friend; — so KiMichl. 126 a De Now KöLgb i, 373 f., compare Str. (who however makes both forms Hiph`il)