Word Summary
Chaggi: "festal", a son of Gad, also his desc
Original Word: חַגִּי
Transliteration: Chaggi
Phonetic Spelling: (khag-ghee')
Part of Speech: proper name, masculine; Adjective, of a people
Short Definition: "festal", a son of Gad, also his desc
Meaning: Haggi -- "festal", a son of Gad, also his desc
Strong's Concordance
Haggi, Haggites

From chagag; festive, Chaggi, an Israelite; also (patronymically) a Chaggite, or descendant of the same -- Haggi, Haggites.

see HEBREW chagag


H2291. Chaggi

חַגִּיproper name, masculine (festal)

1 ᵐ5Ἀγγις son of Gad Genesis 46:16; Numbers 26:15 (both P).

2. adjective, of a people as substantive collective, with article Numbers 26:15 (P).