Word Summary
Zetham: a Levite
Original Word: זֵתָם
Transliteration: Zetham
Phonetic Spelling: (zay-thawm')
Part of Speech: Proper Name Masculine
Short Definition: a Levite
Meaning: Zetham -- a Levite
Strong's Concordance

Apparently a variation for Zeythan; Zetham, an &? Israelite -- Zetham.

see HEBREW Zeythan


H2241. Zetham

זֵתָםproper name, masculine (sub זית‎ in Thes, = foregoing) — a Levite (Gershonite) 1 Chronicles 23:8, apparently son of לַעְדָּן‎ and brother of יְחִיאֵל‎ and יוֺאֵל‎; 26:22 apparently grandson of לַעְדָּן‎, and son of יְחִיאֵלִי‎ (expressly called brother of יוֺאֵל‎); ᵐ5Ζεθομ, Ζοθομ, ᵐ5L Ζηθαν.

זַךְ זָךְ,‎, see below זכך‎. below

זֵתָםproper name, masculine a Levite 1 Chronicles 23:8; 26:28.