Word Summary
zarah: to scatter, fan, winnow
Original Word: זָרָה
Transliteration: zarah
Phonetic Spelling: (zaw-raw')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to scatter, fan, winnow
Meaning: to toss about, to diffuse, winnow
Strong's Concordance
cast away, compass, disperse, fan, scatter away, spread, strew, winnow

A primitive root (compare zuwr); to toss about; by implication, to diffuse, winnow -- cast away, compass, disperse, fan, scatter (away), spread, strew, winnow.

see HEBREW zuwr


H2219. zarah

[זָרָה‎] verb scatter, fan, winnow (Arabic cause to fly, scatter (of wind), winnow; Aramaic דְּרָא‎, ; Ethiopic —

Qal Imperfect וַיִּ֫זֶרExodus 32:20; 2masculine singular תִּזְרֶהEzekiel 5:2; suffix תִּזְרֵםIsaiah 30:22; 41:16; וָאֶזְרֵםJeremiah 15:7; Imperative זְרֵהNumbers 17:2; Infinitive לִזְרוֺתJeremiah 4:11; Participle זֹרֶהRuth 3:2; Isaiah 30:24; —

1 scatter, the powder into which golden calf was ground Exodus 32:20 (E, object not expressed); with accusative (strange) fire from censers Numbers 17:2 (P); hair (symbolic act) Ezekiel 5:2; Isaiah 30:22.

2 fan, winnow, object הַשְּׂעוֺרִים גֹּרֶןRuth 3:2; Isaiah 30:24 (where participle has indefinite subject), 41:16 metaphor, object mountains and hills, figurative of winnowing; figurative fan, winnow, in purification Jeremiah 4:11 ("" לְהָכַ֑ר‎); in chastisement 15:7(׳ז בְּמִזְרֶה‎).

Niph`al Imperfect וַיִּזָּרוּEzekiel 36:19 be scattered, dispersed, of Israel; Infinitive בְּהִזָּרוֺתֵיכֶם6:8 when ye shall be dispersed (on plural suffix Ew§ 259 b, but Co strike out י‎).

Pi`el Perfect suffix וְזֵרָם1 Kings 14:15; זִרֵ֑יתָPsalm 139:3, suffix זֵירִיתָ֫נוּ44:12; וְזֵרִיתִ֫יEzekiel 5:10 etc.; Infinitive זָרוֺת20:23 etc.; —

1 (intensive of Qal) scatter, disperse, especially of peoples, with accusative (Israel and Judah) 1 Kings 14:15; Leviticus 26:33 (H), Psalm 44:12; Jeremiah 31:10; Ezekiel 5:10, 12; 12:14-15, 20:23; 22:15 compare Zechariah 2:2; 2:4 (twice in verse); Psalm 106:27; bones of Israel Ezekiel 6:5; people of Hazor Jeremiah 49:32; of Elam 49:36; of Babylon 51:2 (זָרִים‎ = strangers ?); Egyptians Ezekiel 29:12; 30:26 + 30:23 (strike out Co, internal grounds); in General the wicked Proverbs 20:26; evil 20:8; participle מְזָרִים‎ = substantive scatterers, epithet of winds Job 37:9 (compare Qor 51:1); עלפֿניכם מֶּרֶשׁ וְזֵרִיתִיMalachi 2:3 scatter dung on your faces (token of shame and curse); figurative disperse knowledge (of lips) Proverbs 15:7.

2 winnow, sift (compare Qal 2) only figurative זֵרִ֑יתָ וְרִבְעִי אָרְחִיPsalm 139:3 my path and my couch thou siftest (Che; BaZMG 1887, 607 measurest, determinest, whence זֶרֶת‎ q. v.)

Pu`al be scattered,Imperfect יְזֹרֶהJob 18:15, subject גָּפְרִית‎ followed by עַל‎; Participle feminine מְזֹרָה‎ (agreeing with רָשֶׁ֑תnet) Proverbs 1:17.