Word Summary
zaqen: to be or become old
Original Word: זָקֵן
Transliteration: zaqen
Phonetic Spelling: (zaw-kane')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to be or become old
Meaning: to be or become old
Strong's Concordance
aged man, old man

A primitive root; to be old -- aged man, be (wax) old (man).


H2204. zaqen

זָקֵןverb be or become old (compare, according to Thes, Arabic a she-camel that lets her lower lip hang down, see Lane968; decrepit man) —

Qal Perfect3masculine singular זָקֵןGenesis 18:12 14t. (often hard to distinguished from predicate adjective זָקֵן‎ q. v.); 3feminine singular זָָֽקְנָהProverbs 23:22; 2masculine singular זָקַנְתָּ1 Samuel 8:5; זָקַ֫נְתָּהJoshua 13:1; 1singular זָקַנְתִּי23:2-3t.; זָקַנְ֑תִּיGenesis 18:13; 27:2; Imperfect וַיִּזְקַן2 Chronicles 24:15; — be (or become) old Genesis 18:12-13, 19:31; 27:1-2,(all J), 1 Samuel 2:22; 4:18; 8:1; 8:5; 12:2; 1 Samuel 17:122; Sam 1 Samuel 19:33; 1 Kings 1:1, 15; 2 Kings 4:14; also Genesis 24:1 ("" בימים בא‎), so Joshua 13:1 (twice in verse); 23:1-2,("" here בימים בָּאתִי‎), 1 Chronicles 23:1 ("" ימים שָׂבַע‎), 24:15 ("" id.); Proverbs 23:22; Psalm 37:25 (opposed to "" נער היה‎); note especially לאישׁ מִהְיוֺת זָקַנְתִּיRuth 1:12 I am too old to belong to a man (husband).

Hiph`il only Imperfect3masculine singular יַזְקִין‎ inchoate shew age, grow old = senescere Ew§ 122 c, compare Di; of youth Proverbs 22:6; of tree-root Job 14:8.