Word Summary
zeaqah: a cry, outcry
Original Word: זַעַק
Transliteration: zeaqah
Phonetic Spelling: (zah'-ak)
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Short Definition: a cry, outcry
Meaning: a shriek, outcry
Strong's Concordance

And (feminine) zoaqah {zeh-aw-kaw'}; from za'aq; a shriek or outcry -- cry(-ing).

see HEBREW za'aq


H2201. zeaqah

זְעָקָהnoun feminine cry, outcry, absolute ׳זJeremiah 18:22 5t.; construct זַעֲקַתGenesis 18:20 3t.; suffix זַעֲקָתִיJob 16:18; זַעֲקָתָםIsaiah 15:5 3t.; —

1 outcry, against, וגו ׳סְדֹם זַעֲקַתGenesis 18:20 (J).

2 cry of distress, concerning something זַעֲקַתשֶֿׁבֶרIsaiah 15:5 (object of יְעֹעֵ֑רוּ‎; compare בִּבְכִי‎ in prev. clause); absolute 15:8 (subject of הִקִּיפָה‎, "" יְלָלָה‎); Jeremiah 18:22 (ז ׳תִּשָּׁמַע‎), 20:16; 48:4; 50:46; Nehemiah 5:6; 9:9 (all with שׁמע‎), Jeremiah 48:34 (jointed with קול נתן‎), Job 16:18; Esther 9:31 (lamentation), compare 4:1 (׳ז וּמָרָה גְּדוֺלָה‎, accusative of congnate meaning with verb with זעק‎); specifically זעקתדָּֿ֑לProverbs 21:13 cry of poor; ז ׳קולIsaiah 65:19 ("" בכי קול‎), Jeremiah 51:54; Ezekiel 27:28.

3 outcry, clamour בַּכְּסִילִים מושׁל זעקתEcclesiastes 9:17 (opposed to נשׁמעים בְּנַחַת חכמים דברי‎).

זער‎ (Arabic be scanty, of hair, plumage, etc.; Aramaic , זְעַרbe or grow small; compare צער‎).