Word Summary
zaam: to be indignant
Original Word: זָעַם
Transliteration: zaam
Phonetic Spelling: (zaw-am')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to be indignant
Meaning: to foam at the mouth, to be enraged
Strong's Concordance
abhor, abominable, be angry, defy, have indignation

A primitive root; properly, to foam at the mouth, i.e. To be enraged -- abhor, abominable, (be) angry, defy, (have) indignation.


H2194. zaam

זָעַםverb be indignant (compare Aramaic (rare) blame, & noun ; Arabic onomatopoetic, of roar of camel, angry speech, see Frey, De on Psalm 7:12) — Perfect ׳זNumbers 23:8 3t.; זָעַמְתָּהZechariah 1:12; Imperfect אֶזְעֹםNumbers 23:8; 3plural suffix יִזְעָמוּהוּProverbs 24:24; Imperative זֹעֲמָהNumbers 23:7 (for זָָֽעָמֳה‎ Ges§ 64, (2)); Participle active זֹעֵםPsalm 7:12; passive construct זְעוּםProverbs 22:14; feminine זְעוּמָהMicah 6:10; —

1 be indignant, have indignation, of hostile prince קוֺדֶשׁ בְּרִית עַלDaniel 11:30; elsewhere of Yahweh, who is זֹעֵם אֵלPsalm 7:12 ("" שׁוֺפֵט‎), with accusative of enemy Isaiah 66:14; cities of Judah Zechariah 1:12; people Malachi 1:4; a man Proverbs 22:14. 2 **[

2 is probably denominative from זַעַם‎ (see Buhl).] express indignation in speech, denounce, curse "" יִקְּבֻהוּProverbs 24:24; "" אֶקֹּב‎ and אָֽרָהֿNumbers 23:7-8, (twice in verse) (E); רָזוֺן אֵיפַת זְעוּמָהMicah 6:10 an ephah of scantiness, denounced, or cursed.

Niph`al Participle plural נִזְעָמִים מָּנִיםProverbs 25:23 face stirred with indignation.