Word Summary
zamam: to consider, purpose, devise
Original Word: זָמַם
Transliteration: zamam
Phonetic Spelling: (zaw-mam')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to consider, purpose, devise
Meaning: to consider, purpose, devise
Strong's Concordance
consider, devise, imagine, plot, purpose, think evil

A primitive root; to plan, usually in a bad sense -- consider, devise, imagine, plot, purpose, think (evil).


H2161. zamam

זָמַםverb consider, purpose, devise (Aramaic זְמַם‎ in derived conjugations; compare Arabic speak, talk (rare); Aramaic is sonuit, resonavit, the noun is tinnitus, strepitus) — only

Qal Perfect זָמַםDeuteronomy 19:19 2t.; זָמָ֑םLamentations 2:17; זָָֽמְמָהProverbs 31:16; זַמּ֫וֺתָ30:32; זַמֹּ֫תִיJeremiah 4:28 but also זָמַ֫מְתִּיZechariah 8:14-15, זַמֹּתִיPsalm 17:3 either belongs here with irregular accent (see De), or is Infinitive after analogue of לה֞‎ e.g. חַנּוֺת‎ compare 77:10 (Hi Ri); Checritical note reads זִמָּתִי‎; זָמָ֑מוּ31:14; Imperfect יָָֽזְמוּGenesis 11:6 (Ges§ 67, R. 11); on possible Infinitive זמֹּתִ֫יPsalm 17:3 see above; Participle זֹמֵם37:12; —

1 consider, fix thought upon, with accusative of concrete object שָׂדֶהProverbs 31:16.

2 purpose, devise:

a. especially of Yahweh's purpose in punishment Jeremiah 4:28 (absolute), 51:12 followed by עשׂה‎ + accusative ("" מְזִמָּה‎), Lamentations 2:17 (followed by אשׁר‎) Zechariah 1:6 (with כאשׁר‎ followed by infinitive), 8:14 (id.); of blessing only לְהֵיטִיב זָמַמְתִּי שַׁבְתִּי כֵּן8:15 (opposed to 8:14).

b. of evil purpose of wicked men יז ׳אשׁר לעשׂותGenesis 11:6; Deuteronomy 19:19 (with כאשׁר‎ + infinitive), Psalm 31:14 (followed by infinitive); absolute Proverbs 30:32 ("" נבל‎), Psalm 17:3 have I (i.e. if I have) devised evil (so De); followed by לְ‎ person (= against) 37:12. **the text of Proverbs 30:32 is questioned by Frankenb Toy and others; see on II. נבל‎, below.