Word Summary
Zakkur: the name of several Israelites
Original Word: זַכּוּר
Transliteration: Zakkur
Phonetic Spelling: (zaw-koor')
Part of Speech: Proper Name Masculine
Short Definition: the name of several Israelites
Meaning: Zaccur -- the name of several Israelites
Strong's Concordance
Zaccur, Zacchur

From zakar; mindful; Zakkur, the name of seven Israelites -- Zaccur, Zacchur.

see HEBREW zakar


H2139. Zakkur

זַכּוּרproper name, masculine ᵐ5Ζακχυρ, Ζακχουρ, etc.: —

1 a Reubenite Numbers 13:4 (P).

2 a Simeonite 1 Chronicles 4:26.

3 Levites:

a. 1 Chronicles 24:27.

b. an Asaphite 1 Chronicles 25:2 (Σακχους), 25:10 (Ζαχχουθ), Nehemiah 12:35 (Ζακχουρ), compare זִכְרִי‎ above 3c. c. 10:13; compare 13:13

4 companion of Ezra, Ezra 8:14 Qr (Kt זבוד‎, compare above).

5 contemporary of Nehemiah, Nehemiah 3:2.