Word Summary
ziqah or zeq: a missile, spark
Original Word: זִיקָה
Transliteration: ziqah or zeq
Phonetic Spelling: (zee-kaw')
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: a missile, spark
Meaning: what leaps forth, flash of fire, a burning arrow, a bond
Strong's Concordance
chain, fetter, firebrand, spark

(Isa. 'Abiyshuwae: (feminine); and ziq {zeek}; or zeq {zake}; from zanaq; properly, what leaps forth, i.e. Flash of fire, or a burning arrow; also (from the original sense of the root) a bond -- chain, fetter, firebrand, spark.

see HEBREW 'Abiyshuwae

see HEBREW zanaq


H2131. ziqah

or zeq I. [זֵק‎] noun [masculine] missile, spark (√ dubious; compare Late Hebrew זִיקִיןfiery arrows, Aramaic זִיקָאid., זִיקוּקָאid. + spark, shooting star, ray of light, shooting star) — only plural זִקִּים‎ of (fire- ?) missiles Proverbs 26:18 ("" חִצִּים‎, with ירה‎); so זִיקוֺתsparks, brands (as leaping, springing, forth ?) ז ׳מְאַזְּרֵי‎ (see אזר‎) Isaiah 50:11 ("" אֵשׁ קֹדְחֵי‎), ׳ז בִּעַרְתֶּם50:11 ("" אֶשְׁכֶם אוּר‎).

II. [זֵק‎], זִקִּיםfetters, see below II. זקק‎.

זקן‎ (√ of following; meaning dubious).

II. [זֵק‎] noun [masculine] fetter, only plural זִקִּים‎: — fetters of captives בַּזּ ׳רֻתְּכוּNahum 3:10; ׳בַּזּ יַעֲבֹ֑רוּIsaiah 45:14; ׳בְּזPsalm 149:8 (with אסר‎; "" בַרְזֶל כַּבְלֵי‎); figurative ׳בַּזּJob 36:8 (with אסר‎; "" עֹ֑נִי חַבְלֵי‎).