Word Summary
uts: to press, be pressed, make haste
Original Word: אוּץ
Transliteration: uts
Phonetic Spelling: (oots)
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to press, be pressed, make haste
Meaning: to press, to be close, hurry, withdraw
Strong's Concordance
make hasten labor, be narrow

A primitive root; to press; (by implication) to be close, hurry, withdraw -- (make) haste(-n, -y), labor, be narrow.


H213. uts

[אוּץ‎] verb press, be pressed, make haste

Qal Perfect אָץJoshua 10:13; 17:15; אַ֫צְתִּיJeremiah 17:16 Participle אָץProverbs 19:2-3t. Proverbs; אָצִיםExodus 5:13; —

1 press, hasten (transitive but object not expressed) Exodus 5:13 (E).

2 (intransitive) be pressed, confined, narrow Joshua 17:15 הַראֶֿפְרַיִם לְךָ אָץ כִי‎.

3 hasten, make haste, followed by ל‎ + Infinitive Joshua 10:13 לָבוֺא אָץ לֹא‎ (J, of sun); Proverbs 28:20 ׳א לְהַעֲשִׂיר‎; followed by מִןJeremiah 17:16 א ׳לֹא מֵרֹעֶה‎; followed by ב‎ (of particular in which one hastens) Proverbs 19:2 (בְּרגְלַיִם‎); 29:20 (בִּדְבָרִים‎); compare also 21:5 לְמַחְסוֺר אַח וְכָלאָֿץ‎.

Hiph`il Imperfect וַיָּאִיצוּGenesis 19:15; תָּאִיצוּIsaiah 22:4hasten (transitive) followed by בGenesis 19:15 (J); followed by ל‎ + Infinitive לְנַחֲמֵנִי ׳אַלתָּֿאIsaiah 22:4. (May be Qal Imperfect, & verbי׳ע‎.)