Word Summary
zachal: to shrink back, crawl away
Original Word: זָחַל
Transliteration: zachal
Phonetic Spelling: (zaw-khal')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to shrink back, crawl away
Meaning: to shrink back, crawl away
Strong's Concordance
be afraid, serpent, worm

A primitive root; to crawl; by implication, to fear -- be afraid, serpent, worm.


H2119. zachal

I. [זָחַל‎] verb shrink back, crawl away (Aramaic זְחַלcrawl (also drop, drip, of water: so Late Hebrew זָחַל‎), זָחֵילworm; Syriac locust (as crawling); Arabic withdraw, retire to a distance (see Lane, Wetzst in DeHiob 2, 428), and Sabean זחֿלwithdraw, humble oneself DHMZMG 1875, 610) —

Qal only Participle plural construct זֹחֲלֵיDeuteronomy 32:24; Micah 7:17; — crawl, of reptiles (participle) עָפָר זֹחֲלֵיDeuteronomy 32:24 i.e. serpents (as poisonous), instruments of Yahweh's judgment on Israel; ׳ז ארץMicah 7:17 id. (as crawling into the earth to hide), simile of nations in fear of ׳י‎.

II. [זָחַל‎] verb fear, be afraid (Aramaic דְּחַל‎, ; compare Arabic rancour, malevolence; NöZMG. 1886, 741) — only

Qal Perfect1singular זָחַלְתִּיJob 32:6 therefore I feared ("" וָאִירָא‎); > most, who derive from I. זָחַל‎ = shrink away in fear, hold back (RV), compare אִסְתְּמִּיתִי ᵑ7‎ Fl ChWBii. 571.