Word Summary
vav: a hook, pin, peg
Original Word: וָו
Transliteration: vav
Phonetic Spelling: (vaw)
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: a hook, pin, peg
Meaning: a hook, pin, peg
Strong's Concordance

Probably a hook (the name of the sixth Heb. Letter) -- hook.


H2053. vav

[וָו‎] noun [masculine] hook, pin or peg (etymology unknown) — plural absolute וָוִיםExodus 38:28; construct וָוֵי27:10 5t.; וָיֵיהֶם26:32 5t.; — only P, in description of tabernacle 26:32, 37; 27:10-11, 17; 36:36, 38; 38:10-11, 12, 17, 19, 28, the hooks or pegs of gold and silver, fastened on, or in, the posts of the tabernacle, to support the various hangings (curtains, screens, etc.)

וזר‎ (√ of following; compare Arabic bear a burden, or be guilty, yet see Fl in De Proverbs 21:8).