Word Summary
On: a city in N. Eg
Original Word: אָוֶן
Transliteration: On
Phonetic Spelling: (one)
Part of Speech: Proper Name Location
Short Definition: a city in N. Eg
Meaning: On -- a city in northern Egypt
Strong's Concordance

Or (shortened); On {one}; of Egyptian derivation; On, a city of Egypt -- On.


H204. On

אוֺןproper name, of a location see אֹן‎.

אוניות2 Chronicles 8:18 Kt see אֳנִי‎ below אנה‎.

אֹן‎ (Genesis 41:45; 46:20) אוֺן‎ (41:50; Ezekiel 30:17) proper name, of a location On (Egypt An compare EbGS 75 WiedSamm 146; perhaps = Assyrian Unu SteindBAS i.610, contr. DlPa 318) city in lower Egypt, probably on border of land of Goshen, residence of 'Potiphera, priest of On,' father-in-law of Joseph Genesis 41:45, 50; 46:20; also Ezekiel 30:17 ( where אָוֶן ᵑ0‎); it was celebrated for worship of sun-god Ra, & hence called also sun-city, שֶׁמֶשׁ בֵּיתJeremiah 43:13, ᵐ5ἡλίου πόλις; modern Matariye, on east bank of Nile, approximately 7 miles east of north from Cairo & 18 from Memphis; — compare EbGS 75, 507 f. & map Wiedl.c.