Word Summary
helek: traveler
Original Word: הֵלֶךְ
Transliteration: helek
Phonetic Spelling: (hay'-lek)
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: traveler
Meaning: a journey, a wayfarer, a flowing
Strong's Concordance
dropped, traveller

From halak; properly, a journey, i.e. (by implication) a wayfarer; also a flowing -- X dropped, traveller.

see HEBREW halak


H1982. helek

הֵ֫לֶךְnoun masculine traveller (properly a going, journey, whence wayfarer, traveller) only הֶעָשִׁיר לְאִישׁ הֵלֶךְ וַיָּבאֹ2 Samuel 12:4 ("" לוֺ הֵבָּא הָאִישׁ לוֺ, הַבָּא הָאֹרֵחַ‎); — in ᵑ01 Samuel 14:26 ׳ה דְּבָשׁ, הֵלֶךְ‎ must be construct & = flowing, or dropping (of honey), but read rather ᵐ5 הָלַךְ‎ The Klo We Dr (& דְּבֹּרוֺ‎ for דְּבַשׁ‎ q. v., ᵐ5‎ We Dr).