Word Summary
haleah: out there, onwards, further
Original Word: הָלְאָה
Transliteration: haleah
Phonetic Spelling: (haw-leh-aw')
Part of Speech: Adverb
Short Definition: out there, onwards, further
Meaning: to the distance, far away, thus far
Strong's Concordance
back, beyond, hence, forward, hitherto, thence, forth, yonder

From the primitive form of the article (hal); to the distance, i.e. Far away; also (of time) thus far -- back, beyond, (hence,-)forward, hitherto, thence,forth, yonder.


H1973. haleah

הַלDeuteronomy 32:6 תִּגְמְלוּזֹֿאת יְהוָֺה הַל‎ (so v. d. H and other editions) The reading here became early a subject of dispute, and MSS. and editions vary accordingly. Some follow the school of Nehardea, and read יְהוָֺה הַל‎; others (so Norzi) follow the school of Sora, and read לְיהוָֺה הַ‎; others (so Hahn) have הַלְיהוָֺה‎. Were הַל‎ original, it would be an interrogative particle = Arabic , for which elsewhere הֲ‎ is always found. The other punctuations would also each be highly irregular. The true reading is undoubtedly הֲלַיהוָֺה (הַלְיַהְוֶה)‎. compare De RossiVar. Lect. on the passage; and on the possible origin of the anomaly, GeiJüd. Ztschr. 1864-65, p. 89 f.

הַלDeuteronomy 32:6 see below הֲ‎ above

הָלָא‎ see below following

הָֽ֫לְאָה‎ (i.e. h¹-l¢°¹h, the final -¹h, the הlocale, being toneless),

adverb out there, onwards, further (הָלָא ᵑ7‎, always with לְ‎ or מֵ‎ prefixed; Syriac , , PS1009 id.; Arabic forward! on! FlKl. Schr. i. 355) —

a. of place Genesis 19:9 גֶּשׁהָֽֿלְאָהapproach out there! i.e. make way, get back (ᵐ5ἁπόστα ἑκεῖ: ᵑ9recede illuc), Numbers 17:2 and the fire זְרֵההָֽֿלְאָה‎ scatter yonder; לְ מֵהָֽלְאָהbeyond (literally off the yonder side of; see מִן4c) Genesis 35:21; Jeremiah 22:19; Amos 5:27 beyond Damascus: וָהָֽלְאָה‎ attached to an indication of place, to mark direction, 1 Samuel 10:3 and thou shalt pass on וָהָֽלְאָה מִשָּׁם‎ thence and onwards; 20:22 וָהָֽלְאָה מִמְּךָ‎ from thee and onwards i.e. beyond thee (opposed to וָהֵ֫נָּה מִמְּךָ20:21), 20:37; Numbers 32:19 on the side of Jordan forwards (opposed to 'on the side of Jordan eastwards').

b. of time, Leviticus 22:27 from the 8th day וָהָֽלְאָהand onwards, Numbers 15:23; 1 Samuel 18:9 והלאה ההוא מהיום‎ from that day and onwards, Ezekiel 39:22; 43:27; Isaiah 18:2, 7. Hence