Word Summary
ulam: a porch
Original Word: אוּלָם
Transliteration: ulam
Phonetic Spelling: (oo-lawm')
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: a porch
Meaning: a vestibule
Strong's Concordance

Or (shortened),ulam {oo-lawm'}; from 'alam (in the sense of tying); a vestibule (as bound to the building) -- porch.

see HEBREW 'alam


H197. ulam

I. אוּלָםnoun masculine1 Kings 7:8 porch (compare אֵילָם‎) — ׳א‎ absolute 6:3 +; אֻלָםEzekiel 40:48-49, construct אוּלָם1 Kings 7:6 +; אֻלָםEzekiel 40:7 + (margin אֻלָּם1 Kings 7:7, 12, 21); plural construct אֻלַמֵּיEzekiel 41:15 (Co singular with suffix; in Ezekiel Co reads everywhere אילם‎ see אֵילָם‎ below) — porch (only Kings Chronicles Ezekiel & Joel).

1 in Soloman's temple 1 Kings 7:19; 2 Chronicles 29:7, ׳א יהוה29:17; 8:12 (altar in front of); ׳א יהוה15:8 (id.), compare הַמִּזְבֵּחַ וּבֵין הָאוּלָם בֵּיןEzekiel 8:16 & Joel 2:17; ׳א הַהֵיכָל1 Kings 7:21; ׳א הַבַּיִת7:12; הָא ׳תַּבְנִית1 Chronicles 28:11.

2 in Solomon's palace 1 Kings 7:8 (twice in verse); ׳א הָעַמּוּדִים7:6 compare 7:6; ׳א הַכִּסֵּא7:7 = ׳א הַמִּשְׁמָּט7:7.

3 in temple of Ezekiel's vision, particularly ׳א הַשַּׁעַרEzekiel 40:7-8, (strike out Co see ᵑ9 ᵑ6 ᵐ5‎):; 44:3; 46:2, 8; ׳א הַבַּיִת40:48 compare 40:48; 40:49; 41:25-26, הֶחָצֵר אֻלַמֵּי41:25 Co singular החיצון ואילמו‎ see אֵילָם‎. — (III. אוּלָם‎, adverb.)

I. & II. אוּלָםnoun masculine &

proper name, masculine see below II. אול‎.