Word Summary
hi: lamentation, wailing
Original Word: הִי
Transliteration: hi
Phonetic Spelling: (he)
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: lamentation, wailing
Meaning: lamentation, wailing
Strong's Concordance

For nhiy; lamentation -- woe. (For hiyr. See huw', huw.)

see HEBREW nhiy

see HEBREW huw'

see HEBREW huw


H1958. hi

הִי‎ (?) noun [masculine] lamentation, wailing, only Ezekiel 2:10 וָהִי וָהֶגֶה קִינִים אֵלָיהָ וְכָתוּבand written in it were lamentations and mourning and wailing (ᵐ5ουἀί, woe! Ew§ 101 c compare אִי‎, compare III. אִי‎ above, according to Thes Sta§ 125 b and others הִי‎ = נ נְהִי,‎ being dropped; Ol§ 77 g, 144 c would emend נְהִי‎ so Co; see נְהִי‎ below נהה‎. Text very dubious).

הִיא‎ see הוּא‎.

הֵידָד‎ see below הדד‎.

הֻיְּדוֺת‎ see below ידה