Word Summary
hegeh: a rumbling, growling, moaning
Original Word: הֶגֶה
Transliteration: hegeh
Phonetic Spelling: (heh'-geh)
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: a rumbling, growling, moaning
Meaning: a rumbling, growling, moaning
Strong's Concordance
mourning, sound, tale

From hagah; a muttering (in sighing, thought, or as thunder) -- mourning, sound, tale.

see HEBREW hagah


H1899. hegeh

הֶ֫גֶהnoun masculineJob 37:2 a rumbling, growling, moaning: — ׳ה‎ absolute Ezekiel 2:10 2t.; —

1 a rumbling, growling sound ׳וְה יֵצֵא מִמִּיוJob 37:2 of thunder, as sound going forth from God's mouth.

2 a moaning וָה ׳קִינִים וָהִיEzekiel 2:10 lamentations and moaning and woe.

3 a sigh or moan, as transient, כְמוֺהֶֿ֑גֶה שָׁנֵינוּ כִּלִּינוּPsalm 90:9 we bring our years to an end as a sign, i.e. a fleeting sound (compare RVm VB).