Word Summary
daq: thin, small, fine
Original Word: דַּק
Transliteration: daq
Phonetic Spelling: (dak)
Part of Speech: Adjective
Short Definition: thin, small, fine
Meaning: crushed, small, thin
Strong's Concordance
dwarf, very little thing, small, thin

From daqaq; crushed, i.e. (by implication) small or thin -- dwarf, lean(-fleshed), very little thing, small, thin.

see HEBREW daqaq


H1851. daq

דַּקadjective thin, small, fine — absolute masculine ׳דּExodus 16:14 4t.; דָּ֑קLeviticus 13:30; feminine דַּקָּה16:12; 1 Kings 19:12; plural feminine absolute דַּקּוֺתGenesis 41:6 2t.; דַּקֹּת41:24; construct דַּקּוֺת41:3, דַּקֹּת41:4; —

1 thin, of kine ׳דּ בָּשָׂרGenesis 41:3 compare 41:4 (‎ has in both רַקּוֺת‎ compare ᵑ041:19; 41:20; 41:27); of ears of corn 41:6; 41:7; 41:23; 41:24 (all E); thin, shrunk, withered, of man Leviticus 21:20 (H).

2 small, fine, of the manna כַּכְּפֹר דַּק מְחֻסְמָּס דַּקExodus 16:14; of incense Leviticus 16:12, hair 13:30 (all P); of dust דַּק אָבָקIsaiah 29:5; in simile of isles in hand of יִטּוֺל כַּדַּק אִיִּים ׳י,40:15 (דַּק‎ = substantive fine thing, fine dust); once of a low whisper דַקָּה דְּמָמָה קוֺל1 Kings 19:12.