Word Summary
dea: knowledge, opinion
Original Word: דֵּעַ
Transliteration: dea
Phonetic Spelling: (day'-ah)
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: knowledge, opinion
Meaning: knowledge, opinion
Strong's Concordance
knowledge, opinion

From yada'; knowledge -- knowledge, opinion.

see HEBREW yada'


H1843. dea

[דֵּעַ‎] noun [masculine] knowledge, opinion (late) — only suffix דֵּעִיJob 32:6 3t., and plural דֵּעִים37:6; all in speech of Elihu.

1 knowledge, ד ׳תְּמִיםJob 37:16 one perfect in knowledge (of God).

2 judgement, opinion Job 36:3; דֵּעִי חַֹוּת32:6 to declare my opinion, so 32:10; 32:17.