Word Summary
odoth: a cause
Original Word: אוֹדוֹת
Transliteration: odoth
Phonetic Spelling: (o-doth')
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Short Definition: a cause
Meaning: turnings, on account of
Strong's Concordance
because, concerning, sake

Or (shortened) rodowth {o-doth'} (only thus in the plural); from the same as 'uwd; turnings (i.e. Occasions); (adverb) on account of -- (be-)cause, concerning, sake.

see HEBREW 'uwd


H182. odoth

[אוֺדָה‎] noun feminine cause (perhaps originally circumstance, compare Sabean אודenclosing wall) — only plural אוֺדֹתGenesis 21:11 +; אֹדוֺתNumbers 12:1 +; (8 t. + 2 Samuel 13:16 see infra); אֹדוֺתַיJoshua 14:6; אֹדוֺתֶיךָ‎ ib.; — cause, always with על‎, & construct, except Jeremiah 3:8, where followed by אֲשֶׁר‎; ׳עַלאֿbecause of Genesis 21:11, 25; Exodus 18:8; Numbers 12:1; 13:24; Judges 6:7; Jeremiah 3:8; = concerning (on occasion of) Genesis 26:32; Joshua 14:6 (twice in verse); in 2 Samuel 13:16 read, for ᵐ5 כִּי אָחִי אַל אלאֹֿדוֺת,L It. We Dr.