Word Summary
dallah: hair, thrum
Original Word: דַּלָּה
Transliteration: dallah
Phonetic Spelling: (dal-law')
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Short Definition: hair, thrum
Meaning: something dangling, a loose thread, hair, indigent
Strong's Concordance
hair, pining sickness, poorest sort

From dalah; properly, something dangling, i.e. A loose thread or hair; figuratively, indigent -- hair, pining sickness, poor(-est sort).

see HEBREW dalah


H1803. dallah

I. דַּלָּהnoun feminine collective, hair, thrum (both front hanging down) — דַּלָּהIsaiah 38:12; construct דַּלַּת‎ Cant 7:6; — hair, ׳ד ראשׁך‎ Cant 7:6; thrum (threads of warp hanging in loom) in simile of premature death יְבַצְּעֵנִי מִדַּלָּה38:12.

II. [דַּלָּה‎] noun feminine the poor — construct דַּלַּתJeremiah 40:7 2t.; plural דַּלּוֺת52:15-16, — the poor (collective, weak, helpless ones) 40:7; 2 Kings 24:14; 25:12 (in "" Jeremiah 52:16, as also 52:15, ᵑ0‎ has strangely the plural)