Word Summary
Dibon: a city in Moab, also a place in Judah
Original Word: נובֹידִּ
Transliteration: Dibon
Phonetic Spelling: (dee-bome')
Part of Speech: Proper Name Location
Short Definition: a city in Moab, also a place in Judah
Meaning: Dibon -- a city in Moab, also a place in Judah
Strong's Concordance

Or (shortened) Diybon {dee-bone'}; from duwb; pining -- Dibon, the name of three places in Palestine -- Dibon. (Also, with Gad added, Dibon-gad.)

see HEBREW duwb

see HEBREW Gad


H1769. Dibon

דִּיבוֺן דִּיבֹן,proper name, of a location

1 city in Moab (MI21; 28 דיבן‎, compare ib.1 adjective, of a people הדיבני‎) — דִּיבֹןNumbers 21:30; 32:3, 34 (built up or at by Gad) Isaiah 15:2; in territory of Gad, hence גָּד֑ דִּיבֹןNumbers 33:45-46, (compare on these verses & 32:34 MI10f.); also דִּיבוֺןJoshua 13:9, 17; Jeremiah 48:22; דִּיבוֺן בַּת ישֶׁבֶת48:18; = דִּימוֺןIsaiah 15:9, see also דִימוֺן מֵי15:9 = Arnon, compare Che & HptZA 1887, 268; — modern Dîbân, north of Arnon, compare Seetzen:Reisen i. 409 TristrLand of Moab 132 ff. BdPal 193.

2 דִּיבֹןNehemiah 11:25 place in Judah, toward south = דִּימוֺנָהJoshua 15:22, compare Hptl.c.; conjectures by Kn Ke (compare Di) to be Tell ed Dheib (van de VeldeMem. 252) called also Ehdeib (RobBR ii. 102).

דַּיָּג דִּיג,‎ see below דגה‎.

דַּיָּה‎ see below דאה‎.

דְּיוֺ‎ see below דוה‎.