Word Summary
dur: to heap up, pile, dwell
Original Word: דּוּר
Transliteration: dur
Phonetic Spelling: (dure)
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to heap up, pile, dwell
Meaning: to heap up, pile, dwell
Strong's Concordance

A primitive root; properly, to gyrate (or move in a circle), i.e. To remain -- dwell.


H1752. dur

דּוּרverb 1. heap up, pile.

2 dwell (originally move in a circle, go about, surround, compare Arabic ; house, especially as group of buildings about a court; Assyrian dûru, wall, fortress, COTGloss; thence (denominative Fl Late Hebrew WBi. 440) dwell Aramaic דּוּר‎, (participle & Pa`el), hence in Hebrew compare GiesZAW i. 304 Fll.c. CheOP 479; Ethiopic generation (= דּוֺר‎: probably loan-word); according to Hpt KAT2Glossary i. Assyrian [daru§, endure], dârû, everlasting (compare BezOrient. Diplom.) = Arabic long time, age) —

Qal in Infinitive באהלירֿשׁע מִדּוּרPsalm 84:11 than to dwell in tents of wickedness. Imperative (or Infinitive absolute irregular for דּוֺר‎, compare "" לָקוֺחַ‎) העצמים דּוּרEzekiel 24:5 heap up. — In Genesis 6:3 some read Imperfect3masculine singular יָדוּרshall dwell, for ידון‎; see דין‎.

[דּוּר‎] verb dwell (see Biblical Hebrew); —

Pe`al Imperfect3feminine singular of beasts תְּדוּרDaniel 4:18; 3masculine plural birds יְדֻרוּן4:9 (Qr feminine יְדוּרָן‎, f. subject, צִמֲּרֵי‎, follows, compare 4:18 and K§ 98, 2 c, Anm. 3); Participle plural of men, דָּאדִין‎ Kt 2:38; Daniel 3:31; 6:26 (Qr דָּֽיְרִין‎); as substantive, construct דָּארֵי‎ Kt 4:32 (twice in verse) (Qr דָּֽיְרֵי‎) as substantive, construct דָּארֵי‎ Kt 4:32 (twice in verse) (Qr דָּֽיְרֵיdwellers.