Word Summary
ahalim: the aloe (a tree)
Original Word: אֲהָלִים
Transliteration: ahalim
Phonetic Spelling: (a-haw-leem')
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: the aloe (a tree)
Meaning: the aloe (a tree)
Strong's Concordance
tree of aloes

Or (feminine) ahalowth {a-haw-loth'} (only used thus in the plural); of foreign origin; aloe wood (i.e. Sticks) -- (tree of lign-) aloes.


H174. ahalim

III. [אהל‎] noun [masculine] odorific tree, aloe (?) (? loan-word from Sanskrit aguru, agaru, dialect aghil, compare WilsonSkr. Dict.; M. Müller in PuseyDaniel 2d ed. p. 647 f; aloÎxylon agallochum (compare SigismundAromata, Leipz. 1884, p. 38 f, MV cite KondrackiBeitr. z. Kenntn. d. Aloe, Dorpat 1874 & BaerReden III, 293 f); others aloe succotrina (SchenkelBL, compare Di ad Numbers 24:6); Wetzst in DeSong of Solomon 2d ed. 167 brings under I. אהל‎; he proposes cardamum, Arabic from = little tents, from three-cornered shape of capsules)

1 plural אֲהָלִים‎ trees planted by ׳יNumbers 24:6 ("" ארזים‎ perhaps error for אֵילִים‎ compare Di.

2 aloes, as sweet-smelling; perfume for bed, אֲהָלִיםProverbs 7:17 ("" קִנָּמוֺן מֹר,‎); for garments אֲהָלוֺתPsalm 45:9 ("" קְצִיעוֺת מֹר,‎); of bride, under figure of odorific tree Song of Solomon 4:14 ("" בְשָׂמִים כָּלרָֿאשֵׁי מֹר,‎).