Word Summary
Dagon: a god and an idol of the Philistines
Original Word: דָּגוֹן
Transliteration: Dagon
Phonetic Spelling: (daw-gohn')
Part of Speech: Proper Name Masculine
Short Definition: a god and an idol of the Philistines
Meaning: Dagon -- a god and an idol of the Philistines
Strong's Concordance

From dag; the fish-god; Dagon, a Philistine deity -- Dagon.

see HEBREW dag


H1712. Dagon

דָּגוֺןproper name, masculine: 1 Samuel 5:4 god & idol of Philistines (compare Assyrian Dagan, Dakan(nu), name perhaps non-Shemitic COT Judges 16:23 DlPa 139 SayceRel. Babylonian 188 f. but see Jen below) **oldest tradition (Jerome) seems to waver between דָּגfish and דָּגָןgrain, as explanation of דָּגוֺן‎, see בית‎. — god of Ashdod, except 16:23 (Gaza) & 1 Chronicles 10:10 (but compare below); — אֱלֹהֵיהֶם דגוןJudges 16:23 compare אֱלֹהֵינוּ דגון1 Samuel 5:7, ד ׳בֵּית5:2, 5; 1 Chronicles 10:10 (here hardly original compare "" 1 Samuel 31:10 & We Dr); ד ׳כֹּהֲנֵי5:5, ד ׳מִפְתַּן5:5; as name of image ד ׳(אֵצֶל)5:2; 5:3; 5:4, נֹפֵל דגון5:3; 5:4, ד ׳רַק עָלָיו נִשְׁאַר5:4 (but sense difficult; We proposes דָּגוֺonly his fish, i.e. fishy part, was left upon him, see also Dr; — but was Dagon a fish-god ? compare works cited above & ScholzG-tzendienst 238 ff., Baud in PRE2iii. 460 ff. especially JenKosmol. 449 ff.) see דָּגוֺן בֵּית‎ p. III.