Word Summary
dag: a fish
Original Word: דָּג
Transliteration: dag
Phonetic Spelling: (dawg)
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: a fish
Meaning: a fish
Strong's Concordance

Or (fully) dag (Nehemiah 13:16) {dawg}; from dagah; a fish (as prolific); or perhaps rather from da'ag (as timid); but still better from da'ag (in the sense of squirming, i.e. Moving by the vibratory action of the tail); a fish (often used collectively) -- fish.

see HEBREW dagah

see HEBREW da'ag

see HEBREW da'ag


H1709. dag

דָּאגfish, compare דָּג‎ below דגה‎.

דָּגnoun masculineJonah 2:1 fish (Late Hebrew id.) — דָּג2:1 (twice in verse); Jonah 2:11 + Nehemiah 13:16 Qr (Kt דָּאג‎); דָּגִים1 Kings 5:13 6t.; דְּגֵיGenesis 9:2 7t.; — fish of sea Jonah 2:1 (twice in verse); Jonah 2:11 (in 1:1 ׳ד גָּדוֺל‎); Nehemiah 13:16 (דָּאג‎ Kt דָּג‎ article of Tyrian trade; only here collective, read perhaps דָּגָה‎; or regard as late usage, compare converse דָּגָה‎ of individual Jonah 2:2); — elsewhere always plural: as subject of Solomon's utterance 1 Kings 5:13; fish-spear דגים צִלְצַל‎ Job 40:31; most often הַיָּם דְּגֵיGenesis 9:2 (P), Psalm 8:9; Hosea 4:3; Zephaniah 1:3; Ezekiel 38:20; Job 12:8 (in all opposed to beasts & birds, & apparently used with them, + רֶמֶשׂ‎ Ezekiel compare verb רמשׂ‎ Genesis, for animal creation in General; also Habakkuk 1:14 compare below); Numbers 11:22 (JE) of fish (with beasts) as food (compare Genesis 9:2f.) in simile of men ensnared, like fish taken in net (מְצוֺדָה‎) Ecclesiastes 9:12 compare Habakkuk 1:14 (הַיָּם דְּגֵי‎); 4 t. הַדָּגִים שַׁעַרfish-gate2 Chronicles 33:14; Zephaniah 1:10; Nehemiah 3:3; 12:39 (on situation compare שַׁעַר‎).