Word Summary
gath: a wine press
Original Word: גַּת
Transliteration: gath
Phonetic Spelling: (gath)
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Short Definition: a wine press
Meaning: a wine-press
Strong's Concordance
winepress fat

Probably from nagan (in the sense of treading out grapes); a wine-press (or vat for holding the grapes in pressing them) -- (wine-)press (fat).

see HEBREW nagan


H1660. gath

גַּת‎ wine-press. גַּתproper name גִּתִּי

adjective, of a people

I. גַּתnoun feminine wine-press (contracted from *גַּנְתְּ‎ = *יְגַּנְתְּ‎) — absolute גַּתJudges 6:11 3t.; גִּתּוֺתNehemiah 13:15; — wine-press, literal בַגַּת חִטִּים חֹבֵטJudges 6:11 beating out wheat in the wine-press, to hide it from Midian; the juice of the grapes was pressed out by treading, בְּגַ֑ת דֹּרֵךְIsaiah 63:2 (in simile), but also as accusative גִּתּוֺת דֹּרְכִיםNehemiah 13:15; in figure of judgment, וגו לִבְתּוּלַת אֲדֹנָי דָּרַךְ ׳גַּתLamentations 1:15 a wine-press hath Adonay trodden for the virgin daughter of Judah; also גַּת מָֽלְאָה כִּי רְדוּ‎ Joel 4:13 (רדה‎ only here with גַּת‎). — On the form and use of wine-press, and Hebrew synonyms, see SmithDB (article wine-press) BenzArchaeology 212 f. RobBR iii, 137 SchickZPV x, 1887, 146, 150, and Plural see vii. AnderlindZPV xi, 1888, 166 f.