Word Summary
gaar: to rebuke
Original Word: גָּעַר
Transliteration: gaar
Phonetic Spelling: (gaw-ar')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to rebuke
Meaning: to rebuke
Strong's Concordance
corrupt, rebuke, reprove

A primitive root; to chide -- corrupt, rebuke, reprove.


H1605. gaar

גָּעַרverb rebuke (Aramaic גְּעַר‎ id., Ethiopic cry out, Sabean יגער‎ proper name, SabDenkmp. 29.30) — Isaiah 17:13; גָּעַרְתָּPsalm 9:6 2t., etc.; Imperfect יִגְעַרZechariah 3:2-3t., תִּגְעֲרוּRuth 2:16; Imperative גְּעַרPsalm 68:31; Infinitive מִגְּעָרֿIsaiah 54:9; Participle גּוֺעֵרNahum 1:4, גֹּעֵרMalachi 2:3; — with בְּ‎ except Psalm 9:6; 68:31; 119:21; Malachi 2:3 where accusative; —

1 rebuke, father his son Genesis 37:10 (E), reapers Ruth Ruth 2:16, priest Jeremiah Jeremiah 29:27.

2 of God rebuking nations Psalm 9:6; Isaiah 17:13, proud Psalm 119:21, Satan Zechariah 3:2 (twice in verse), קנה חיתPsalm 68:31, בָּאֹכֵל‎ (the devouring swarm of locusts, restraining them) Malachi 3:11, the sea drying it up Psalm 106:9; Nahum 1:4, Zion Isaiah 54:9; הַזֶּרַע‎ the seed (prevent the usual harvest) Malachi 2:3 (ᵐ5‎ Aq הַזְּרֹעַ ᵑ9‎, the arm, namely, of priests, that they may not extend it to bless).