Word Summary
galgal: a wheel, whirl, whirlwind
Original Word: גַּלְגַּל
Transliteration: galgal
Phonetic Spelling: (gal-gal')
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: a wheel, whirl, whirlwind
Meaning: a wheel, a whirlwind, dust
Strong's Concordance
heaven, rolling thing, wheel

By reduplication from galal; a wheel; by analogy, a whirlwind; also dust (as whirled) -- heaven, rolling thing, wheel.

see HEBREW galal


H1534. galgal

גַּלְגַּלnoun masculineEcclesiastes 12:6 wheel, whirl, whirlwind (on formation compare BaNB 204) — absolute ׳גEzekiel 10:2 7t.; גַּלְגַּ֑לPsalm 83:14; plural with suffix גַּלְגִּלָּיוIsaiah 5:28; Jeremiah 47:3; —

1 wheel,

a. of war-chariot Isaiah 5:28; Jeremiah 47:3, also collective Ezekiel 23:24; 26:10; perhaps also in Ezekiel's vision 10:2, 6, 13 (compare wheelwork) but compare below

b. for drawing water Ecclesiastes 12:6.

2. a. whirl (of dust or chaff) Psalm 83:14; Isaiah 17:13, simile of foes put to flight by God.

b. perhaps whirling of wheels Ezekiel 10:2, 6, 13 Sm RV, but compare above

c. whirlwind Psalm 77:19.