Word Summary
gazal: to tear away, seize, rob
Original Word: גָּזַל
Transliteration: gazal
Phonetic Spelling: (gaw-zal')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to tear away, seize, rob
Meaning: to pluck off, to flay, strip, rob
Strong's Concordance
catch, consume, exercise robbery, pluck off, rob, spoil, take away by force, violence,

A primitive root; to pluck off; specifically to flay, strip or rob -- catch, consume, exercise (robbery), pluck (off), rob, spoil, take away (by force, violence), tear.


H1497. gazal

I. גָּזַלverb tear away, seize, rob (Late Hebrew id., Phoenician גזל‎ Niph`al, Aramaic גְּזַל‎, & (Nas.) ; Arabic cut off) —

Qal Perfect גָּזַלJob 20:19; Ezekiel 18:18, גָּזָ֑ל‎ Leviticus 5:23 2t., גָּזַלְתִּיPsalm 69:5 etc.; Imperfect יִגְזֹלEzekiel 18:7, וַיִּגְזֹל2 Samuel 23:21; 1 Chronicles 11:23 etc.; Infinitive גְּזֹלIsaiah 10:2; Participle active גּוֺזֵלProverbs 28:24; suffix גֹּזְלוֺPsalm 35:10; plural construct גֹּזְלֵיMicah 3:2; passive גָּזוּלDeuteronomy 28:29 4t.; — tear away, rob, with object of thing (movable), flock (עֵדֶר‎) Job 24:2, ass Deuteronomy 28:31, women Judges 21:23 compare Genesis 31:31 (E), tear away orphan child from breast Job 24:9 מִשֹּׁד יתום‎, snatch a spear from enemy's hand 2 Samuel 23:21 = 1 Chronicles 11:23; figurative of drying up snow-water Job 24:19; (object stationary) take violent possession of, well of water Genesis 21:25 (E), house Job 20:19, fields Micah 2:2; (hyperb.) the skin 3:2; with accusative of congnate meaning with verb = seize, plunder, object גְּזֵלָה‎ Leviticus 5:23 (P) Ezekiel 18:7, 12, 16, גָּזֵל18:18; 22:29; indefinite Psalm 69:5; figurative, object מִשְׁמָּטIsaiah 10:2; with object person robbed Psalm 35:10; Proverbs 22:22; 28:24, probably also Judges 9:25 compare Leviticus 19:13 (H; absolute); compare also passive Deuteronomy 28:29 ("" עָשׁוּק‎); עושׁק מיד גָּזוּל הצילJeremiah 21:12; compare 22:3; Malachi 1:13 גָּזוּל‎ ("" מִּסֵּחַlame and חוֺלֶהsick), probably that rescued after seizure by wild beasts, therefore mutilated.

Niph`al Perfect3feminine singular וְנִגְזְלָה‎, subject sleep Proverbs 4:16 לא‎ "" (יִשְׁנוּׅ‎.