Word Summary
gur: a whelp
Original Word: גּוּר
Transliteration: gur
Phonetic Spelling: (goor)
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: a whelp
Meaning: a cub, of the lion
Strong's Concordance
whelp, young one

Or (shortened) gur {goor}; perhaps from guwr; a cub (as still abiding in the lair), especially of the lion -- whelp, young one.

see HEBREW guwr


H1482. gur

II. גּוּרnoun masculineEzekiel 19:3, 5 whelp, young — construct גּוּר(אַרְיֵהׅGenesis 49:9 2t.; suffix גּוּרֶיהָEzekiel 19:2, גֻּרֶיהָ19:3, 5, גּוּרֵיהֶןLamentations 4:3; —

1 lion's whelps, figurative of Judah Genesis 49:9; of Dan Deuteronomy 33:22; of Assyrian (prince ?) Nahum 2:12; figurative of Israelites Ezekiel 19:2-3, 5 ("" כְּפִיר‎).

2 young of jackals (תַּנִּין‎) Lamentations 4:3.