Word Summary
gada: to hew, hew down or off
Original Word: גָּדַע
Transliteration: gada
Phonetic Spelling: (gaw-dah')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to hew, hew down or off
Meaning: to fell a, tree, to destroy anything
Strong's Concordance
cut asunder, in sunder, down, off, hew down

A primitive root; to fell a tree; generally, to destroy anything -- cut (asunder, in sunder, down, off), hew down.


H1438. gada

גָּדַעverb hew, hew down or off (Late Hebrew id. (rare), Aramaic גְּדַע‎ Ithpe`el; Arabic cut off hand or other member, mutilate) —

Qal Perfect גָּדַעLamentations 2:3; וְגָדַעְתִּ֫י1 Samuel 2:31; Imperfect וָאָגְדַּעZechariah 11:10, 14; Participle passive גְּדוּעָהIsaiah 15:2 (so many editions but) Baer גְּרוּעָה‎; compare below, גְּדֻעִים10:33; — hew, cut in two, a staff Zechariah 11:10, 14; metaphor hew off, an arm 1 Samuel 2:31; horns Lamentations 2:3; hew down, trees Isaiah 10:33; if in 15:2 then = shave off (object זקן‎, beard), but no other indication of this meaning, and true גְּרוּעָה ᵑ0‎, compare Baer's note & Jeremiah 48:37; see גרע‎.

Niph`al Perfect נִגְדַּעJudges 21:6 נֶגְדַּעJeremiah 50:23; 3feminine singular נִגְדְּעָה48:25; וְנִגְדְּעָה‎ consecutive Isaiah 22:25; 2masculine singular נִגְדַּעְתָּ14:12; 3plural וְנִגְדְּעוּ‎ consecutive Ezekiel 6:6; Amos 3:14; — be hewn off, of altar-horns 3:14, of idols Ezekiel 6:6 ("" נשׁבר‎); of severance of a tribe from nation Judges 21:6; figurative of king of Babylon Isaiah 14:12; of Babylon as hammer Jeremiah 50:23 ("" נשׁבר‎); of a minister, under figure of secure peg or pin Isaiah 22:25; of horn of Moab Jeremiah 48:25 ("" נשׁבר‎).

Pi`el Perfect גִּדַּע2 Chronicles 34:7, גִּדֵּ֑עַ34:4; Psalm 107:16, וַיְגַדַּע2 Chronicles 14:2, אֲגַדֵּ֑עַPsalm 7:5; Isaiah 45:2, וַיְגַדְּעוּ2 Chronicles 31:1; 3 masculine plural תְּגַדֵּע֑וּןDeuteronomy 7:5; 12:3; — hew off, down, in two (compare Qal) of Asherîm 7:5; 2 Chronicles 14:2; 31:1, of idols Deuteronomy 12:3 (מְּסִילִים‎) 2 Chronicles 34:4, 7 (חַמָּנִים‎); figurative horns of wicked Psalm 75:11; bars of iron (i.e. of Babylon's gates) Isaiah 45:2, compare Psalm 107:16.

Pu`al Perfect גֻּדָּ֑עוּIsaiah 9:9 hew down (of trees).