Word Summary
Gob: a place in Palestine
Original Word: גֹּב
Transliteration: Gob
Phonetic Spelling: (gobe)
Part of Speech: Proper Name Location
Short Definition: a place in Palestine
Meaning: Gob -- a place in Palestine
Strong's Concordance

Or (fully) Gowb {gobe'}; from guwb; pit; Gob, a place in Palestine -- Gob.

see HEBREW guwb


H1359. Gob

גּוֺב גֹּב,proper name, of a location see below גבב‎.

גבא‎ (compare Arabic , restrain or withhold oneself; perhaps = collect (water in a cistern, also tribute), so Lane 1. near the end, Fl NHWBi. 431; see also Late Hebrew גָּבָה גבי,‎, Aramaic גְּבָא‎, collect debts, taxes, etc.)

גֹּב2 Samuel 21:18, גּוֺב21:19 proper name, of a location (compare Aramaic גֻּבָּאden, and , Arabic , Ethiopic Assyrian gubbu, well, cistern, see גבב‎) — field of battle with Philistines 21:18 = גֶּזֶר‎ in "" 1 Chronicles 20:4 (so here Th Ew; compare Joshua 10:33), but = ᵑ6 ᵐ5 גַּת2 Samuel 21:18 (ᵐ5L Γαζεθ); 21:19 (omit "" 1 Chronicles 20:5), ᵐ5Ρομ, Ροβ; Klo Gath; in 1 Chronicles 20:16 We Dr (q. v.) read בְּגֹב‎ for בְּנֹב‎; site of Gob (si vera lectio) unknown.