Word Summary
geullah: redemption, perhaps kin
Original Word: גְּאֻלָּה
Transliteration: geullah
Phonetic Spelling: (gheh-ool-law')
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Short Definition: redemption, perhaps kin
Meaning: redemption, relationship
Strong's Concordance
kindred, redeem, redemption, right

Feminine passive participle of ga'al; redemption (including the right and the object); by implication, relationship -- kindred, redeem, redemption, right.

see HEBREW ga'al


H1353. geullah

גְּאֻלָּה14 noun feminine kin (?), redemptionLeviticus 25:24 5t.; construct גְּאֻלַּת25:32; suffix גְּאֻלָּתִיRuth 4:6, גְּאֻלָּתֶ֑ךָEzekiel 11:15, גְּאֻלָּתוֺLeviticus 25:26 4t.; —

1 kin, גְּאֻלָּתֶ֑ךָ אַנְשֵׁיmen of thy kindred Ezekiel 11:15, RV Thes Hi and others; but ᵑ6 ᵐ5‎ Ew Co ׳א גלותךthy fellow-exiles.

2 redemption, of field Leviticus 25:24 (H) Ruth 4:7.

3 right of redemption Leviticus 25:29, 31, 32, 48 (H) Ruth 4:6; Jeremiah 32:8 = הגאלה משׁפט32:7.

4 price of redemption Leviticus 25:26, 51, 52 (H).