Word Summary
basar: to bear tidings
Original Word: בָּשַׂר
Transliteration: basar
Phonetic Spelling: (baw-sar')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to bear tidings
Meaning: to be fresh, full, cheerful), to announce
Strong's Concordance
messenger, preach, publish, show forth, bear, bring, carry, preach

A primitive root; properly, to be fresh, i.e. Full (rosy, (figuratively) cheerful); to announce (glad news) -- messenger, preach, publish, shew forth, (bear, bring, carry, preach, good, tell good) tidings.


H1319. basar

[בָּשַׂר‎] verb bear tidings (√ rub smooth the face; compare Arabic remove the face of surface of a thing, compare Arabic be glad, joyful; he rejoiced him with the message of the birth of a son; Ethiopic bring a joyful message, so Assyrian bussuru (Pa.) DlPr 170, Sabean תבשר‎ DHMMV, also בשר‎ proper name, of deity, DHMZMG 1883, 358, CISiv. 1, 41, 1. 3) —

Pi`el Perfect בִּשַּׂרJeremiah 20:15 2t.; Imperfect תְּבַשֵּׂר2 Samuel 18:20 4t.; אֲבַשְּׂרָה18:19; Imperative בַּשְּׂרוּ1 Chronicles 16:23 = Psalm 96:2; infinitive לְבַשֵּׂר1 Samuel 31:9 2t.; Participle מְבַשֵּׂרIsaiah 41:27 6t.; feminine מְבַשֶּׂרֶת40:9 (twice in verse); plural מְבַשְּׂרוֺתPsalm 68:12; —

1 gladden with good tidings: birth of a son Jeremiah 20:15; victory 1 Samuel 31:9; 2 Samuel 1:20; 1 Chronicles 10:9; Psalm 68:12; בעיניו כמבשׂר היהhe was in his eyes as a bearer of good tidings 2 Samuel 4:10.

2 bear tidings 2 Samuel 18:19-20, (twice in verse); 18:26; even of evil 1 Samuel 4:17, and so with accusative טוב בשׂר1 Kings 1:42.

3 herald as glad tidings: the salvation of God, peach (chiefly exilic usage) the advent of ׳י‎ in salvation Nahum 2:1; Isaiah 40:9 (twice in verse); 41:27; 52:7 (twice in verse); the praises of Yahweh 60:6; His righteousness in the great congregation Psalm 40:10; His salvation daily 96:2 = 1 Chronicles 16:23; the Messianic servant preaches good tidings to the meek Isaiah 61:1.

Hithpa`el Imperfect יִתְבַּשֵּׂר2 Samuel 18:31 receive good tidings (so Kirkp. Klo; compare Arabic IV. X; otherwise AV).