Word Summary
bar: pure, clean
Original Word: בַּר
Transliteration: bar
Phonetic Spelling: (bar)
Part of Speech: Adjective
Short Definition: pure, clean
Meaning: beloved, pure, empty
Strong's Concordance
choice, clean, clear, pure

From barar (in its various senses); beloved; also pure, empty -- choice, clean, clear, pure.

see HEBREW barar


H1249. bar

II. בַּר‎ corn, III. בַּרpure, בָּר‎, I. II. בֹּר‎ see ברר‎.

II. בַּרadjective pure, clean, Job 11:4; Psalm 24:4; בָּרProverbs 14:4; plural construct בָּרֵיPsalm 73:1; feminine בָּרָה19:9; Song of Solomon 6:9-10, —

1 pure, clear: לבב ברpure in heart Psalm 24:4; לבב ברי73:1; a pure damsel Song of Solomon 6:9-10, man Job 11:4, commands of God Psalm 19:9.

2 clean: בָּר אֵבוּסcrib is clean Proverbs 14:4.

3 perhaps adverb נַשְּׁקובַֿרkiss purely, of sincere homage Psalm 2:12 but compare I. בַּר‎, p. 135.