Word Summary
baqaq: to be luxuriant
Original Word: בָּקַק
Transliteration: baqaq
Phonetic Spelling: (baw-kah')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to be luxuriant
Meaning: to pour out, to empty, to depopulate, to spread out
Strong's Concordance
make empty, fail, utterly, make void

A primitive root; to pour out, i.e. To empty, figuratively, to depopulate; by analogy, to spread out (as a fruitful vine) -- (make) empty (out), fail, X utterly, make void.


H1238. baqaq

I. [בָּקַק‎] verb be luxuriant (Arabic be profuse, abundant (see especially Conjugations I. IV, Lane)) —

Qal Participle בֹּקֵקluxuriant Hosea 10:1 (figurative of Israel as vine).

II. [בָּקַק‎] verb empty (compare probably Arabic make a gurgling noise, of a mug dipped in water, or emptied of water) —

Qal Perfect וּבַקֹּתִ֫יJeremiah 19:7, בָּֽקֲקוּNahum 2:3; Participle בּוֺקֵקIsaiah 24:1, בִּקֲקִיםNahum 2:3; empty, lay waste land, accusative, Isaiah 24:1; Nahum 2:3, also absolute 2:3; figurative make void (object עֵצָה‎) Jeremiah 19:7.

Niph`al Perfect וְנָָֽבְקָה‎ (compare Ges§ 67, R. 11) Isaiah 19:3; Imperfect3feminine singular תִּבּוֺק24:3; Infinitive absolute הִבּוֺק24:3; — be emptied (laid waste) 24:3 תִבּוֺק הִבּוֺק‎, of land ("" תִּבּוֺז הִבּוֺז‎); figurative of spirit, courage 19:3.

Po. Imperfect יְבֹקֲקוּJeremiah 51:2 empty out (devastate) land.