Word Summary
Baal Tsephon: "Baal of winter", a place in Egypt
Original Word: בַּעַל צְפוֹן
Transliteration: Baal Tsephon
Phonetic Spelling: (bah'-al tsef-one')
Part of Speech: Proper Name Location
Short Definition: "Baal of winter", a place in Egypt
Meaning: Baal-zephon -- "Baal of winter", a place in Egypt
Strong's Concordance

From Ba'al and tsaphown (in the sense of cold) (according to others an Egyptian form of Typhon, the destroyer); Baal of winter; Baal-Tsephon, a place in Eqypt -- Baal-zephon.

see HEBREW Ba'al

see HEBREW tsaphown


H1189. Baal

Tsephon צְפוֺן בַּ֫עַלproper name, of a location Exodus 14:2, 9; Numbers 33:7, near Red Sea in Egypt, probably Mt. `Atâka, EbGS 524.

צְפוֺנִי צְפוֺן,‎ see צִפְיוֺן‎. below,

צְפוֺן‎, in צְפוֺן בַּעַל‎ (q. v.), perhaps proper name, of deity, BaeRel. 22ZMG zlii (1888). 472 GrayProp. N. 134.