Word Summary
boser: unripe or sour grapes
Original Word: בֹּסֶר
Transliteration: boser
Phonetic Spelling: (bo'ser)
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: unripe or sour grapes
Meaning: unripe or sour grapes
Strong's Concordance
sour grape

From the same as becer -- sour grape.

see HEBREW becer


H1155. boser

בֹּ֫סֶרnoun masculineIsaiah 18:5 unripe or sour grapes collective (Late Hebrew id., Aramaic בּוּסְרָא‎, (PS; syllable uncertain [Nes, privately]; Polyglotts and Castell have ); Arabic unripe dates) — בֹּסֶר18:5 3t. בִּסְרוֺJob 15:33; — unripe grapes Isaiah 18:5; Job 15:33; sour g. Jeremiah 31:29-30, Ezekiel 18:2.

בעד‎ (Arabic , be remote, distant, Qor 9:42, distant; Ethiopic to change, Psalm 33 title, different, distinct, another).