Word Summary
Beelzeboul: Beelzebul, a name of Satan
Original Word: Βεελζεβούλ
Transliteration: Beelzeboul
Phonetic Spelling: (beh-el-zeb-ool')
Part of Speech: Proper Noun, Indeclinable
Short Definition: Beelzebul, a name of Satan
Meaning: Beelzebul, a name of Satan
Strong's Concordance

Of Chaldee origin (by parody on Ba'al Zbuwb); dung-god; Beelzebul, a name of Satan -- Beelzebub.

see HEBREW Ba'al Zbuwb

Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 954: Βηλζεβουλ

Βηλζεβουλ and, as written by some (yet no Greek) authorities, Βηλζεβουβ (cod. B Βηζεβουλ, so manuscript א except in Mark 3:22; adopted by WH, see their Appendix, p. 159; cf. Buttmann, 6), , indeclinable, Beelzebul or Beelzebub, a name of Satan, the prince of evil spirits: Matthew 10:25; Matthew 12:24, 27; Mark 3:22; Luke 11:15, 18, 19. The form Βηλζεβουλ is composed of זְבוּל (rabbinical Hebrew for זֶבֶל dung) and בַּעַל, lord of dung or of filth, i. e. of idolatry; cf. Lightfoot on Matthew 12:21. The few who follow Jerome in preferring the form Βηλζεβουβ derive the name from זְבוּב בַּעַל, lord of flies, a false god of the Ekronites (2 Kings 1:2) having the power to drive away troublesome flies, and think the Jews transferred the name to Satan in contempt. Cf. Winers RWB under the word Beelzebub: and J. G. M(üller) in Herzog vol. i., p. 768ff; (BB. DD.; cf. also Meyer and Dr. James Morison on Matthew 10:25; some, as Weiss (on Mark, the passage cited; Biblical Theol. § 23 a.), doubt alike whether the true derivation of the name has yet been hit upon, and whether it denotes Satan or only some subordinate 'Prince of demons'). (Besides only in ecclesiastical writings, as Ev. Nicod. c. 1f.)