Word Summary
adikeō: to do wrong, act wickedly
Original Word: ἀδικέω
Transliteration: adikeō
Phonetic Spelling: (ad-ee-keh'-o)
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to do wrong, act wickedly
Meaning: to do wrong, act wickedly
Strong's Concordance
hurt, injure, be an offender, be unjust.

From adikos; to be unjust, i.e. (actively) do wrong (morally, socially or physically) -- hurt, injure, be an offender, be unjust, (do, suffer, take) wrong.

see GREEK adikos

Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 91: ἀδικέω

ἀδικέω, (ῶ; (future ἀδικήσω; 1 aorist ἠδίκησα; passive, (present ἀδικοῦμαι; 1 aor, ἠδικήθην; literally to be ἄδικος.

1. absolutely;

a. to act unjustly or wickedly, to sin: Revelation 22:11; Colossians 3:25.

b. to be a criminal, to have violated the laws in some way: Acts 25:11 (often so in Greek writings (cf. Winers Grammar, § 40, 2 c.)).

c. to do wrong: 1 Corinthians 6:8; 2 Corinthians 7:12.

d. to do hurt: Revelation 9:19.

2. transitively;

a. τί, to do some wrong, sin in some respect: Colossians 3:25 ( ἠδίκησε 'the wrong which he hath done').

b. τινα, to wrong some one, act wickedly toward him: Acts 7:26f (by blows); Matthew 20:13 (by fraud); 2 Corinthians 7:2; passive ἀδικεῖσθαι to be wronged, 2 Corinthians 7:12; Acts 7:24; middle ἀδικοῦμαι to suffer oneself to be wronged, take wrong (Winers Grammar, § 38, 3; cf. Riddell, Platonic Idioms, § 87f): 1 Corinthians 6:7; τινα οὐδέν (Buttmann, § 131, 10: Winer's Grammar, 227 (213)), Acts 25:10; Galatians 4:12; τινα τί, Philemon 1:18; (ἀδικούμενοι μισθόν ἀδικίας (R. V. suffering wrong as the hire of wrong-doing), 2 Peter 2:13 WH Tr marginal reading).)

c. τινα, to hurt, damage, harm (in this sense by Greeks of every period): Luke 10:19; Revelation 6:6; Revelation 7:2; Revelation 9:4, 10; Revelation 11:5; passive οὐ μή ἀδικηθῇ ἐκ τοῦ θανάτου shall suffer no violence from death, Revelation 2:11.