Word Summary
argyrion: silvery, a piece of silver
Original Word: ἀργύριον
Transliteration: argyrion
Phonetic Spelling: (ar-goo'-ree-on)
Part of Speech: Noun, Neuter
Short Definition: silvery, a piece of silver
Meaning: silvery, a piece of silver
Strong's Concordance
money, piece of silver.

Neuter of a presumed derivative of arguros; silvery, i.e. (by implication) cash; specially, a silverling (i.e. Drachma or shekel) -- money, (piece of) silver (piece).

see GREEK arguros

Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 694: ἀργύριον

ἀργύριον, ἀργυρίου, τό (from ἄργυρος, which see) (fr. Herodotus down);

1. silver: Acts 3:6; Acts 7:16; Acts 20:33; 1 Peter 1:18; (1 Corinthians 3:12 T Tr WH).

2. money: simply, Matthew 25:18, 27; Mark 14:11; Luke 9:3; Luke 19:15, 23; Luke 22:5; Acts 8:20; plural, Matthew 28:(12),15.

3. Specifically, a silver coin, silver-piece (Luther, Silberling), שֶׁקֶל σίκλος, shekel (see B. D. under the word), i. e. a coin in circulation among the Jews after the exile, from the time of Simon (circa ) down (cf. 1 Macc. 15:6f (yet see B. D. under the word , and references in Schürer, N. T. Zeitgesch. § 7)); according to Josephus (Antiquities 3, 8, 2) equal to the Attic tetradrachm or the Alexandrian didrachm (cf. στατήρ (B. D. under the word )): Matthew 26:15; Matthew 27:3, 5f, 9. In Acts 19:19, ἀργύριον μυριάδες πέντε fifty thousand pieces of silver (German 50,000inSilber equivalent toSilbergeld), doubtless drachmas (cf. δηνάριον) are meant; cf. Meyer (et al.) at the passage.