Word Summary
haplous: simple, single
Original Word: ἁπλοῦς
Transliteration: haplous
Phonetic Spelling: (hap-looce')
Part of Speech: Adjective
Short Definition: simple, single
Meaning: simple, single
Strong's Concordance

Probably from a (as a particle of union) and the base of pleko; properly, folded together, i.e. Single (figuratively, clear) -- single.

see GREEK a

see GREEK pleko

Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 573: ἁπλοῦς

ἁπλοῦς, ἁπλῆ, ἁπλουν (contracted from ἁπλῶς, ἁπλοη, ἁπλων) (from Aeschylus down), simple, single (in which there is nothing complicated or confused; without folds (cf. Trench, § lvi.)); whole; of the eye, good, fulfilling its office, sound: Matthew 6:22; Luke 11:34 — (others contend that the moral sense of the word is the only sense lexically warranted; cf. Test xii. Patr. test. Isach. § 3οὐ κατελάλησα τίνος, etc. πορευόμενος ἐν ἁπλότητι ὀφθαλμῶν, ibid. § 4πάντα ὁρᾷ ἐν ἁπλότητι, μή ἐπιδεχόμενος ὀφθαλμοῖς πονηρίας ἀπό τῆς πλάνης τοῦ κόσμου; yet cf. Fritzsche on Romans 12:8).