Word Summary
chortazō: to feed, fatten, fill, satisfy
Original Word: χορτάζω
Transliteration: chortazō
Phonetic Spelling: (khor-tad'-zo)
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to feed, fatten, fill, satisfy
Meaning: to feed, fatten, fill, satisfy
Strong's Concordance
feed, fill, satisfy.

From chortos; to fodder, i.e. (generally) to gorge (supply food in abundance) -- feed, fill, satisfy.

see GREEK chortos

Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 5526: χορτάζω

χορτάζω: 1 aorist ἐχόρτασα; 1 aorist passive, ἐχορτασθην; future passive, χορτασθήσομαι; (χόρτος, which see); first in Hesiod (Works, 450);

a. to feed with herbs, grass, hay, to fill or satisfy with food, to fatten; animals (so uniformly in the earlier Greek writings (cf. Lightfoot on Philippians 4:12; Winer's Grammar, 23)): ὄρνεα ἐκ τῶν σαρκῶν, passive, Revelation 19:21 (here A. V. were filled).

b. in later (cf. Sturz, Dial. Maced. and Alex., p. 200ff) and Biblical Greek, to fill or satisfy men (the Sept. for שָׁבַע and הִשְׂבִּיעַ ; with some degree of contempt in Plato, de rep. 9, p. 586 a. κεκυφοτες εἰς γῆν καί εἰς τραπέζας βοσκονται χορταζόμενοι καί ὀχευοντες). α. properly: τινα, Matthew 15:33; passive, Matthew 14:20; Matthew 15:37; Mark 6:42; Mark 7:27; Mark 8:8; Luke 9:17; John 6:26; James 2:16; opposed to πεινᾶν, Philippians 4:12; τινα τίνος (like πίμπλημι (cf. Winer's Grammar, § 30, 8 b.)): ἄρτων, with bread, Mark 8:4 (Psalm 131:15 ()); τινα ἀπό with a genitive of the thing (cf. Buttmann, § 132, 12), passive, Luke 16:21 (Psalm 103:13 ()); (τινα ἐκ with the genitive of the thing (Buttmann, as above), passive, Luke 15:16 Tr marginal reading WH). β. metaphorically: τινα, to fulfill or satisfy the desire of anyone, Matthew 5:6; Luke 6:21 (Psalm 106:9 ()).