Word Summary
chalinagōgeō: to lead with a bridle
Original Word: χαλιναγωγέω
Transliteration: chalinagōgeō
Phonetic Spelling: (khal-in-ag-ogue-eh'-o)
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to lead with a bridle
Meaning: to lead with a bridle
Strong's Concordance

From a compound of chalinos and the reduplicated form of ago; to be a bit-leader, i.e. To curb (figuratively) -- bridle.

see GREEK chalinos

see GREEK ago

Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 5468: χαλιναγωγέω

χαλιναγωγέω, χαλιναγώγω; 1 aorist infinitive χαλιναγωγῆσαι; (χαλινός and ἄγω); to lead by a bridle, to guide (ἵππον, Walz, Rhett. Graec. i., p. 425, 19); tropically, to bridle, hold in check, restrain: τήν γλῶσσαν, James 1:26; τό σῶμα, James 3:2; τάς τῶν ἡδονῶν ὀρεξεις, Lucian, tyrann. 4. ((Pollux 1 § 215.))