Word Summary
phrazō: to show forth, tell
Original Word: φράζω
Transliteration: phrazō
Phonetic Spelling: (frad'-zo)
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to show forth, tell
Meaning: to show forth, tell
Strong's Concordance

Probably akin to phrasso through the idea of defining; to indicate (by word or act), i.e. (specially), to expound -- declare.

see GREEK phrasso

Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 5419: φράζω

φράζω: 1 aorist imperative φράσον; from Homer down; to indicate plainly, make known, declare, whether by gesture (φωνῆσαι μέν οὐκ εἶχε, τῇ δέ χειρί ἐφραζεν Herodotus 4, 113), or by writing or speaking, or in other ways; to explain: τίνι τήν παραβολήν, the thought shadowed forth in the parable, Matthew 13:36 (R G T Tr text); . (Twice in the Sept. for הֵבִין, Job 6:24; הורָה, Job 12:8.)